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PopPunkKing This song really spoke to me, This song is one of the best song from DRMCTHR. Love This Band. Favorite track: Wonderlust.
SB | Indie Rock | 123
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SB | Indie Rock | 123 If you enjoy good alternative rock blended with a real emo indie pop vibe, you'll absolutely love Dreamcatcher!

The instrumentation is top notch and the vocal harmonies and lyrics are truly outstanding. Favorite track: Heaven Sent.
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Steve What can I say about this band, apart from that they are absolutely brilliant. Not one duff song on the EP - every one a classic (and it's only their first!) I can't wait for their debut full length album. Take my advice and buy this - you won't regret it. Favorite track: Wonderlust.
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Lacrimosa This band scratches my Dangerous Summer itch after Cody Payne fucked up the band. Favorite track: California.
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The debut EP from Baltimore based band, Dreamcatcher


released December 10, 2013

Produced by Dreamcatcher, Kenny Eaton (Mystery Ton Studios), and Paul Leavitt (Valencia Recording)


all rights reserved



DRMCTHR Baltimore, Maryland

Alt. Pop from Baltimore, Maryland.

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Track Name: Skin
"You've got the sun in your eyes and your skin tight jeans. And I can't stop thinking of your hands all over me." But, you need room to grow and I need space to think. Can we forget it all? Run away with me. Hey, we should leave. I'll do anything. Hey, stay with me. I won't let them find us. Drive away, we'll spend hours in the backseat and no one will understand what it means to me. They put that weight on you and it's so easy to sink. Can you take it off? Run away with me? Calm down, I'll even let you rip my heart out if it would settle you down. All I want is to take your ring. All I want is everything. Calm down, I'll even let you turn my life inside out if it would settle you down.
Track Name: Wild
You caught me spinning. "You're running wild, I though I'd call and ask are you alright?" Well, I'll tell you how I'm sleeping, tell you everything I'm thinking. "Are you alright?" I wonder if you saw me now if you'd make me stop, if you would tie me down, if you'd say "that's enough?" I got caught up in my head for a moment. I realized there were consequences for the things that I've done, for the people that I've left, for the hurt that comes with all of it. But, if you could give me time I could find faith, again. I sit here drinking writing stupid words for stupid feelings. "Are you alright?" Smokey eyes and hazy vision. Stumbling home, I'm tripping. "Are you alright?" Does this look alright?
Track Name: June
Didn't see you over there. It's so dark in this room. When I tried walking over there, my feet wouldn't move. All I wanted was to hold your hand, but you walk away instead. I just wanted you. I just wanted to touch you. Do you think of me at night when you're all alone and lonely? I said I would give you fight, why do you not want me? Maybe we could go somewhere. It's so crowded in this room and I keep looking over there. All I look at is you. All I wanted was to meet you there, you leave with someone else instead. All I wanted was to hold your hand, but you walk away instead. I just wanted you. I just wanted you.
Track Name: Heaven Sent
I'm outside your favorite club and my world is pitch black again. There's a million things I'm thinking of and you're all of them. I can't get out from these walls I surround myself in. And you seem to run away faster than I can. I'm all alone. Heaven sent, you were mine. You swore you'd never leave me behind. I'm in hell all the time. Where did I go when you cried? I wouldn't forgive me, if I were you I'd forget me. What the hell was I thinking of when you left the city? You left me here. And I've drawn circles in my skin to remind me that you burn brighter when I'm alone. You're a fighter, but you don't. I've been a liar for so long, I say I'll change but I won't. I wanted to tell you that I feel see-through. You're better without me. I'm nothing without you. I'm nothing.
Track Name: Wonderlust
Say you don't want to talk. You just want to leave me. Pack your bags and go, go. "I don't want you to follow me." So, I won't call and I won't sleep, I'll be wondering where you are. I would kill for you. I would kill myself for you. Say you don't want to keep fucking around with me. I always wondered when you'd leave me. I always wondered if you'd keep me. But, you don't call and I don't sleep. I'm up wondering where you are. Say you don't want to keep having to save me, but I'm a wreck when you leave me and I would give you everything, everything, everything if you'd just call. If I could think I'd be right there were you are, but I keep wondering where you are.
Track Name: Come Down
You've got eyes that remind me of rain. See them one time and suddenly everything's changed. What can I do to keep you from walking away? It's in this hazy room where I wish you would stay. And all I can think of are those nights in your car when you'd drive me home. "Can I stay with you? I'm too stoned to be alone." Can I come down in your room? I'd feel safer there with you. And I've seen a couple things that I let haunt me like all these states of change. How is this happening? And you say, you can remember the day we came down in your room and I saw everything become brand new. And I'm sorry that I'm stumbling. I'm sorry I can't see straight. If you would just walk ahead, I would follow you in.
Track Name: California
You're sitting with your feet in the sand, staring out at the rough seas ahead. But, you're warmer now. Something in the air. We could be closer now, if you'd dare. I'll take you down where Sunset ends. We'll scream it out until my voice won't last. And when you're worlds away, I hope you remember every day that I need you now, like I needed you then. I want to be with you alone. We'll lay on the beach. We'll lose our minds. I'll keep your secrets, if you keep mine. Tell me you love me a thousand times. I'll be your Cali, your state of mind. I hope you don't forget when you're worlds away that my voice won't last if we keep screaming this way. And when sunset ends, I'll take you back. If you dare, we could be closer. Somethings in the air. You're feeling warmer. Staring out at the rough seas ahead, you're sitting there with your feet in the sand.
Track Name: False Flags
Maybe I'd rather die than watch my whole world slip away. Even though I've lost faith, I pray that it'll all be okay. And everything that hurts me will stay in my way. Tell me you want me to leave, tell me you want me to stay. I've been hoping that you'd change me, hoping that you'd wait for me, hoping that you'd save me. I'm not the only one pushing away. I swore I'd follow your flag down. I'd take the guns you'd hand out. I'm by your side 'til the end now. But, these waves are washing away everything I have left in me. Tell me you want me to stay, tell me it's okay to leave. And someday when the coast lines fade we'll stop this fighting and we'll find grace. I will bring you roses at the end of our days, because it'll be over and we won't mean a thing.

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